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This should keep everybody safe/ in peace of mind.


As you can see AHP advertises unpaid companionship, online connectivity and advertises it to trusted men/ women in order to join a pilgrims journey as digital nomads in prayer for each other and share self- sustainability in difficult times. This should lead to peace, freedom and competence for the building of direct democracy.


This is a dynamic project and it doesn't have an address/ location, therefore no guarantee for stable connections.


When a member is not active within a year, he/she will probably want to drop out.


Nobody can sue nobody.


This dynamic project will not be competing against a legal corporation, organization, lobby.

The project works alongside the state, submitted to the protective action of the official police for peace keeping, in case it ever gets addressed.

The relationships among members will be based on trust which is an easy one because there is no money involved.


This is  not an enterprise or business. There is no need for legal bureaucracy.

When it comes to policy my first thoughts around this are mostly around safeguarding and how we ensure that safe-guarding is transparent in this space.


Instances of abuse have happened because of a manipulation of a power dynamic in a relationship, where vulnerabilities are exploited for selfish end, whatever the motivation.


It seems that anyone who is working with another, needs to be aware of the implications of a power dynamic in a relationship such as I am suggesting, particularly if it happens under the auspices of the common authority.


Prospective people have a right to know how they will be kept safe.  And the terms and conditions therefore are no different to the ones from an established party or a state institution.

The members will know such policies. 


In monastic communities members obey the Rule of Saint Benedict. It comes in form of a small handbook which can be downloaded in several text file formats and audio format or one can buy it from a book shop.

The content of this website is not to be understood as collective but complimentary/ compatible between members.


Every member has his own page like a publishing office room.


A member will adhere to the voice of human conscience which means the member will have an understanding for views from different angles on any issue or event.


It is good to have views from different angles and members compliment each other and everything comes from good- will. 

So, whole story short, nobody is going to be exploited or loose his/her reputation.


Everything will work out. and we do whatever works out for the greater glory of our creator.

May this find you in peace of your precious soul!


Andreas Hofer (founder and current webmaster)

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